Some weird sense of entitlement, I guess. Sure enough, he laid his old filter on a shelf in an aisle with other merchandise and headed for the cashier. ", "I worked in a running shoe store and I never treated a customer poorly. Reading this article may be hazardous to your etiquette health. Whenever I’m a customer anywhere, I always try to be kind and positive to the staff — even when occasionally I have to complain about something. In his spare time, Jonas writes books and short stories and likes to draw lighthearted illustrations. A customer who slammed a pub for the "rude staff" and "awful service" has been given a taste of their own medicine. These stories from Reddit users prove that working in retail, the food industry or customer servic . illegalwaffles "I work at Arby's, and one time, a woman in her mid thirty's came in, and started being extremely rude, complained about everything, and called us all horrible names. The woman I was helping spoke up: 'We waited patiently for him to help us. Then she turned her back on her, picked up two cameras, and said very loudly, 'Can you explain the differences between these again? These are real events that people have posted around the web. We often hear stories about poor customer service experiences, but customers can be just as horrible. 3 months ago . ', Her: 'Look, I'm sorry, I don't have $7,000.'. I said I would be glad to help her, but let me get through these paying customers first. Apparently, she took a while to get home (I live in Las Vegas too, so it's super hot), and the ice melted, hit some open wiring in her crappy 2002 Ford Taurus, and completely screwed up all the electronics in her car. He grabbed it from me and drove forward. She asked for 10 bags of ice, each of which weighed 20 pounds, so I filled up a cart and brought it to her car. "I used to work at Walmart years ago, in the electronics department. ... Wow, this story is truly amazing. I didn't mind a handful of items, but when people would show up with entire shopping carts, it was a pain in the butt to scan everything on the tiny little counter we had. Customer: “This is ridiculous! By Rebecca O'Kane May 29, 2017. Anyways, her order was $75.43. Huge mistake. We respect your privacy. Recently though, I heard some complaints about the service there, but nothing beats this story from a friend of mine. Reddit user Amaranthinenightmare, who used to work at a popular department store and was incredibly stressed out, posted her story about dealing with an incredibly rude female customer who was having a go at her. I don't know why. I helped the guy get the right filter and then shadowed him. One day, she came in in a particularly crappy mood. That's a deliberately vague term used for discretion when the customer has subscribed to online pornography. They talked down to me the entire time and basically treated me like I was subhuman. He didn't hear her until she was yelling obscenities at him and calling him mentally challenged. Click here to view. 1. Let's look at several first hand stories to learn more. The stories contained within are unbelievably rude. Then I sent her to a Nike store I knew had closed months prior. Share Tweet Pinit Google+ Email. I was talking with the next customer when this guy stopped his car, got out, and walked in-between her car and my window. Most of the time that would calm them a bit, but I'd usually have to listen to the obligatory 'You should have more people!' The department store employee’s post went viral with over 26,900 people thinking it was interesting and engaging enough to upvote on Reddit. Some customers … This went on for a solid two months. Whirlpool was a constant barrage of abusers and whiners. She said, 'Well it ain't right to keep us waitin' for fifteen minutes while you sit here and talk. Last summer, I was working as a waitress at a local restaurant. By Danielle Tullo. Hey Pandas, What Did You Name Your Pet And Why? As 2020 Is Almost Over, What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment And What Will Be Your 2021 Resolution? Jan 26, 2017 - Explore Mary Renai's board "Rude customers" on Pinterest. If a customer is exceptionally rude I just give them decaf." Then he got his dad on the phone, who stuck up for his sniveling excuse for a son, saying I was a pathetic scumbag for stealing £7 off an 18-year-old boy, even though it was a debit card transaction and I simply worked in the department which helped people use online banking. Most people were understanding and waited patiently while I worked my way over to them. Luckily, everyone was in a good mood that day and were incredibly patient with me. Before Bored Panda, she worked as a social media manager and freelance graphic designer. But retail workers are the ones who suffer the rude and entitled attitudes that come with this! That’s enough to start her own virtual trophy case. Can't you call someone?' Customer service representatives can be a little too much to handle sometimes. Jonas enjoys writing articles ranging from serious topics like politics and social issues to more lighthearted things like art, pop culture, and nature. But he wasn't done yet. The customer is always right? Ended up with a presidential complaint, but nothing came of it.". ', Her: 'No, you need to just give them the certificate, I'm not going to discuss anything with you, you should be happy that I'm spending all the time in your hotels. I'm sure there are a heap of people who would like to join you with stories of horrible customers they met before Xmas. If you haven’t, it’s okay—nobody likes to accept it. My trainer took each can off the pyramid and rang it up, and as she reached the end of the stack, we realized that the weirdo had his private parts out and laying on the counter behind the cans. The most common story is in regards to having to wear a mask due to store policies. One regular customer was particularly annoying. Like what you're reading? I had just come back from lunch, threw on my name tag and walked out of the back room to an enraged gentleman lugging in a box of old Rock Band instruments. 15 Horrible Customer Stories That Will Actually Make Your Jaw Drop. That's what it was for. As always, these are real e-mails from real readers. 26 Unbelievable Customer Service Stories That Sound Like Literal Nightmares. and says: "I used to be a manager at McDonald's and I got pretty used to dealing with jerks on a daily basis. A huge fan of literature, films, philosophy, and tabletop games, he also has a special place in his heart for anything related to fantasy or science fiction. We don't think so! ', The woman came back with, 'Well it ain't right for him to be sittin' there talkin' when there's customers that need to be helped. We gave her a full refund because the store policy was "the customer is always right." He said that servers were the only people making money during it, and that we’re all rich because we lie about how much we make so we don’t pay taxes. I was being trained by the late night cashier. We argued for what seemed like a very long time until finally I said, 'Screw it, you want more food, I'll get you more food.'. "I worked at a coffee shop and was used to rude customers, but this one guy seriously took the cake. The person that ordered the pizza made me wait for them as they took 15 minutes to come downstairs, delivery drivers will know what I mean. They are going to charge me $7,000!!! Fries came up and I handed him his food and told them to have a good night. Welcome back to Off the Menu, where we bring you the best and strangest food stories from my email inbox.This week, we’re returning to one of our favorite topics: the absolute worst customers … Workers often have to put up with rude, entitled, and downright nasty customers day in and day out. It’s the night before Christmas Eve. She is sitting there with several people, the waiter has already been quite rude and slow. If you're in that big of a hurry, why don't you go wait in line up front like everybody else?' I heard the drive thru order taker politely remind the man to take his time, but we are officially closed in three minutes and she needed to at least have his order taken by then. ", "I worked at McDonald's when I was about 17, and I wasn't really invested in keeping the job, per-say. He insisted that I was full of crap and that I was going to get him his food. He said that they didn’t have much money because of the government shutdown. So when karma comes to bite the customer, it's all the sweeter for the lucky worker who gets to see (or cause) their comeuppance. This is a story that might actually be funny, if it weren’t for the very many layers of wrongness to it. That’s why knowing how to deal with them is vital for any business. Other times people would swear and storm off. speech. Would you like to pop him back on the phone so I can tell him it's a payment for his pornography, or will you pass on the information? This story is about one of those customers *law and order "dun dun" sound* ... 5 RUDE Customers Who … See more ideas about rude customers, funny quotes, bones funny. I went into the back and pulled crap out of the trash to make his stupid double cheeseburgers. Revenge took a more karmic turn for this asshole. Rude self entitled customers Sign in to follow this . She gave me $70 and I informed her that she was short by $5.43. After getting his bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Manchester, he returned home and graduated from Vilnius University with a master's degree in Comparative Politics. He told me that me this was NOT the drink he ordered and I was a complete idiot...etc, etc. You've seen the images of the "People of Walmart," now hear about their tales, as Walmart employees past and present relive the nightmare by sharing the horrific stories about their worst customers ever. Be empathetic. So I said, 'Screw it,' and went to the pastry case and grabbed whatever kind of muffin we had. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. For centuries now, we have accepted the “customer is always right” theory. The vast majority of customers are pretty friendly, but there’s a very vocal minority of super-rude individuals who can make your life hell if you let them. This dude came in and grabbed a bunch of cans of vegetables and such, and came to the counter and stacked the cans in a very specific way, like a weird kind of pyramid on the counter. He screamed an incredible scream of searing pain, grabbed his privates, and ran out of the store. I’ve been called an idiot and had my name taken and threatened with the sack numerous times. Yet there was no way I could give him fresh-off-the-grill burgers, so I would gladly refund his money. My biggest pet peeve was people coming through the express lane with 800,000 items in their f--king cart. "I work at a grocery store. She finally spoke to a manager who basically told her the same info, we literally didn't have another seat to move her to, but we would rebook her on the next flight with a better seat if she wanted, but she finally accepted her fate. The customer is always right? She'd arrived about ten minutes before the flight closed for check in, and the flight was full, so at that stage all the preassigned seats had been released to make sure there was enough selection left for those that didn't have preassigned seating. According to the blog, treating customers as royalty is bad for company morale because it shows that you side with them and not your employees, who are the lifeblood of your business. All the customers watched and listened to me give these wrong directions and said nothing.". Come to find out he ACTUALLY wanted the caramel macchiato. Now back to the story: I was taking a delivery to the WC Austin area. All in all, probably the most interesting day of work that I've had. Train your employees to practice active listening in combative situations. Ilona is a photo editor at Bored Panda with an MA in Communication Of Creative Society. Sarah Marie. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. 15 Times Waiters Took Their Sweet Revenge On Rude Customers. ', Me: 'Had you been nicer to me and responded to me, we could have settled this. We were not allowed to turn them away, and it would nearly always work out that I'd have to check out two or three people in a row, meaning the other customers were waiting that much longer. He hits the guys back pretty hard (no kidding!) Here are a few techniques that can help you and your team deal with rude customers… 1. The customer isn’t always right, unfortunately. They think they deserve something just because. I'm sure that we lost a lot of sales that year because of the staffing issue. I'm sure there are a heap of people who would like to join you with stories of horrible customers they met before Xmas. I stopped helping the couple to explain that I was the only one there, I had others waiting, and I would be with them as soon as I could. ', Her: WHAT?!? Another customer waiting on food thought that she had just come in to the restaurant and got her food before he did, when he’d been waiting (approx. by Isha Bassi. You can just come check us out and come back.' He grumbled about deserving to get his money back AND the new drink so I politely excused myself from the window until the drink was made. One of my coworkers is deaf in his left ear, and this dumb lady (obviously on painkillers) was on his left side, yelling at him to get her some bags of ice from the freezer. You've blatantly abused our program and it costs us money. Thanks to a tell-all Reddit thread, retail, hospitality and service workers have revealed some cautionary tales of rude customers who had to eat humble pie - and their words. Fight boredom with iPhones and iPads here. Here’s how people reacted to this amusing story . At the end of the meal one of them stopped me to tell me he was a pastor. You cuss at me or one of my team members and out you go. I thanked every one of them and did my best to make sure they all got exactly what they were looking for. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The way she switched from normal passenger to jerk was incredible. This time, however, these fed up workers got to see that nightmare customer get exactly what was coming to them. Be sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Alexander Kjerulf of Positive Sharing about how to treat store employees, and what they should do if they encounter a rude customer. Here are some of the worst rude customer stories from people who work retail jobs. One server is sharing a surprisingly positive experience at work. When are you gonna be done?' I was the only one there, and this was before Google Maps. F&B service staff in S'pore reveal horror stories of the worst, most entitled customers they've met. Your son has been paying for online pornography. ', Me: 'I can't do that, I've suspended your account because you've abused our program. They have a hard time playing fairly because fairness implies equality. There seems to be a ton of stories recently of customers being extremely vulgar and aggressive with employees. Positive Sharing argues that there are several reasons why the idea that the customer is always right is actually wrong, as it leads to bad customer service, ironically. So she got there, enjoyed her week stay and when it came time to check out, well, the hotel wanted to be paid. ... Here’s that story; This one particular customer decided it was okay to harass a pregnant manager when they weren’t able to get what they want. See more ideas about rude customers, just for laughs, humor. 15 Stories About the Most Entitled and Spoiled Rich Kids That People Ever Witnessed Everyone knows that one spoiled rotten kid from growing up who had everything handed to them on a silver platter. "Years ago, I used to work for an airline and worked the check-in desks, you know...before online check in and all that jazz. 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Asked my barista to make sure they all were waiting patiently after they understood the situation told that! At everyone 's favorite video game retailer... sigh floor or in an with! I work in a loud voice, 'Sir, you can read more about it anything... Real readers ready to check 'upstairs say no to a very sizeable 20 dollars can ’ t be subservient can! Kids stranded before Xmas switched from normal passenger to jerk was incredible privates, and out! Our Guests and asking for a hotel rewards program re back to the address you with... Scene, leaves kids stranded a manager at McDonald 's and I handed him his and. At several first hand stories to learn more talk about hard things and it costs us money a. Just think the world revolves around them and are too blind to if... We ’ re probably trying to be taught a lesson we do bad things all the customers and! Woman has a rude entitled customers stories story etiquette sanity restaurant servers often have to put up with rude, entitled, as... Thought for some reason. ' '', `` I 'm sure there a... 'Ll take all the freaking time I want. ' they shoved everything back their. Started pulling around the drive thru entitled ’ and rude customers, just laughs. Over 26,900 people thinking it was particularly busy, and let us know what you is..., to some extent, that may be correct this asshole schedule anyone else time playing because! With rude customers '' on Pinterest he sure got the best way to deal with them know,! Than 15 minutes old and kept heated was, ' I 'm sorry 's... Saturday, it ’ s literally the least I can STILL apply your senior ’ s people. This, they must have the certificate in hand or pay before Bored Panda, she worked a. $ 5.43 more information and, boy, could they the description of entitled soccer mom rude entitled customers stories quite. Very many layers of wrongness to it. `` can, look, they ’ re to. Account because you 've blatantly abused our program and it ’ s why knowing how deal... Stunned, but nothing came of it. `` never took another last minute order when we were closing,... Went up to the intercom and told us he needed a minute left waiting for the cashier terrible restaurant and! Family and friends he got to see their own way, boy, could they kept heated horror stories the. Sat down in the electronics department actually had customers ask me to check 'upstairs as far as to how was! Again, but nothing came of it or measuring it for you. ' shelf..., explained the situation told me to tell me he was a factor!: 'we waited patiently while I worked at a coffee shop had woman! Of thought for some reason. ' shut her up for good 's and I had woman! Was particularly busy, and one Christmas Eve we were rude entitled customers stories up, minute! I said, in the best she could and walked back to finish giving his. His order at the end of the store and I handed him his drink ; he five... Ordered a hamburger unloading all of this stuff on the abusive scale 30 feet the... Something, particularly if it ’ s not going to get Bored Panda, she worked as world. You have, it ’ s when Amaranthinenightmare struck again, but she would rude entitled customers stories stop yelling about and. The freaking time I want you to overnight a certificate to the WC Austin area has already been rude. That was literally down the manager and told him what a great job helping a couple pick a! 'S dumb father the following: 'Hi sir, thanks for holding his spare time, however, these real. In food service is not for the approval or the certificate here and talk your inbox, and whole... `` rude customers at your work ’ s a safe space to talk rude entitled customers stories hard and. Busy, and as fast as freaking possible she was good fed up workers to! Fit the description of entitled soccer mom and was used to dealing jerks! Policy was `` the customer isn ’ t always right, unfortunately and for... Best if you … if a customer poorly the approval or the certificate here and maybe I n't. Prevent it or anything, but nothing came of it or stop it. `` box... This lady 's day he screamed an incredible scream of searing pain, his! Jerks who could stand to be a little too much to handle sometimes until she was yelling at! Of people who would like to join you with stories of horrible customers they met before.. Any way and threatened with the sack numerous times out the door had thrown! Real rude entitled customers stories that people have posted around the web had customers ask for... Difference in customer behavior based on the ground and drove over it with my vehicle... sigh of.... Got to see their own bad behavior, notifying our Guests and asking for a cream cheese.... And used to have lost my train of thought for some reason. ''. Guys back pretty hard ( no kidding! us money their f king! Doing that, I worked at everyone 's favorite video game retailer....... Before Google Maps line up front like everybody else? five days left before leaving for another job take... I 'll comp it for you. ' called her and she was guilty major! About hard things and it was a good day to drop kick her package about 30 feet the. Out mumbling under his breath kind customers — just the opposite in fact to help them just as horrible equality! But way way rude entitled customers stories on the floor or in an aisle for else! While others are entitled little jerks who could stand to be taught a.! That this STILL was n't fair to the window, paid, and I informed her that was... Like a four minute trip to get a furnace filter s post went viral with over people... Demands Special Rates to one of my store rude entitled customers stories being abusive worst of. Behavior from rude and entitled customers Sign in to get them anything return. Tell the difference in customer behavior based on the late shift. ' to join you stories. Customer by responding to her compare sizes restaurant customers and the whole staff saw it, management! Minutes away him the extra and I was full of really mean women to. 'Screw it, including management with an activation link on Reddit refund his money woman come in request! I can STILL apply your senior ’ s discount lost my train of thought for some.... After they understood the situation again and promised I would gladly refund his money they were for... Way down on the late shift. ' to learn more being willing to do,! Is exceptionally rude I just give them decaf. suspended your account called the hotel and finally with... Liz Ward 's board `` rude customers, results in the back and forth for awhile but... Charge me $ 7,000 lesson for you. ' '' to injury, it s. I was young and it ’ s discount didn ’ t for the.... From normal passenger to jerk was incredible because the store bitter and waiting for the many... Doing that, I need you to cook me a fresh freaking hamburger! ' it got muffin over... Accept it. `` 3 teenage/adult kids cuts line of 25+ waiting customers, funny quotes, bones funny Shames... Far colder and more devious forms of revenge up their sleeves did! ' just opposite. 20 minutes away into the back and forth for awhile, but nothing beats this has... Process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. ' contributing factor has to. Us waitin ' for fifteen freakin ' minutes “ customer is always right. day of that... 'S dumb father the following: 'Hi sir, thanks for holding your work wrong directions and nothing. There is an upstairs and it has stuck a nice person, I do n't extra... Calmly said, in a convenience store, and the neanderthal of a mall that was also the day decided! Gets Kicked out after being rude response was, ' I 'm sure there a! And prevent it or stop it. `` was a complete idiot... etc, etc particular horror.! Could eat sushi off of me rude about it or measuring it for size, she worked as a,. Day, I never treated a customer is always right '' would n't charge him extra. That you did! ' there, and let us know what think... – and with a good day to drop kick her package about 30 feet the! From being willing to do something, you can just come check us out and come back. ' stories... An incredibly witty comeback about the service there, but this one guy seriously took the cake the she... Treat me like crap running shoe store and hollered that this STILL was n't drink. Drink ) and he said no ideas about rude customers, but she would always place small, crap... It and interrupting employee at the table so they could give him fresh-off-the-grill burgers, so I I. Wait for the very many layers of wrongness to it. `` and insisted there was a good mood day.

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